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Replacing Your Broken Windshield

There are many things that can make you have to replace your broken windshield, and usually it happens in the most unexpected times. Anyway, in case there’s a hard object lands on your windshield causing a chip or crack on it, you should get it fixed immediately. Basically, you only have two options in such situation, whether to repair it, or get a windshield replacement. Obviously repairing your broken windshieldwindshield will be a lot cheaper than having it replaced with a new one, so you must first see if there is a chance that you can repair it.

Broken Windshield Situations

There are several types of damages that can happen to your windshield. Chips, cracks, and scratches are the most common ones. Scratches on your windshield usually can be easily repaired, as for chips and cracks it depends on how bad the damage is. Your windshield is repairable if the chip is not bigger than 3 inches, or if the crack is not bigger than a dollar bill. However if the chip is bigger than 3 inches or the crack is bigger than a dollar bill then you’re likely have to get a windshield glass replacement.

However there are some instances where the guidelines above don’t apply. For example when there’s a crack that’s actually small but located at some difficult spots, such as the edge of the windshield or at your line of sight, then you still need to get a replacement.

Get Professional Windshield Replacement Help

Windshield is a vital part of your vehicle’s safety features, so this is something that you can’t take lightly. Besides protecting you from the weather, wind, and debris, windshield is also designed to absorb impact, so in case of an accident there won’t be any hard object that can go through it and injure the people inside the vehicle. It’s also meant for prevent the driver and passenger from being ejected outside during a collision. Furthermore, windshield is also a vital part of your car’s structure because it practically supports the roof of your car.

So, knowing how important it is, whenever you need a windshield replacement, make sure that it’s done by professionals. Don’t just choose a random mechanic, let alone doing it yourself with some magical DIY kit, that’s really a bad idea.

Auto glass is a stand alone industry in automobile services. So you cannot get your windshield replaced in an auto body shop or at a dealer. If there is a dealership or auto body shop that offers windshield replacement service, you have to make sure that they have proper certifications for auto glass safety, which can assure you that they can do the job properly.

The best choice is to go to a certified auto glass repair shop. This is the place where they only work on auto glass, so they have lots of experience and know exactly what to do. There are a lot of auto glass repair shops that you can find nowadays, and some of them even provide mobile services, so they will come to you and replace your windshield at your place.

Auto Glass Coverage in Auto Insurance

A Windshield is one of the most important parts of your vehicle’s safety features, yet we often don’t think much about our auto glass insurance until something bad happens to it. It’s important to be well informed about your auto insurance, so anytime you need a repair or replacement for particular parts of your car such as your windshield, you will know for sure whether it’s covered or not as well as other benefits you can get from the insurance company.

When your windshield has a crack or a chip, it’s important that you fix it immediately at a local auto glass shop in the city of Little Elm, TX for your safety. But some people may not do so because they’re thinking about the cost. They are usually not so sure about their insurance coverage and whether the auto glass is covered or not. Some others are afraid that if they contact their insurance company regarding windshield repair or replacement, their premiums will increase.

Types of Auto Insurance

There are generally two kinds of auto insurance commonly used by car owners; comprehensive insurance, and Liability & Collision insurance. Comprehensive insurance would practically cover any damage that may happen to your car including your windshield and other auto glass installed in your car. It covers windshield damages caused by falling Little Elm auto glassdebris, hail, rocks, as well as other causes. If you have a comprehensive auto insurance, usually you will pay very little when your window or windshield need to be replaced or repaired. In fact in some cases, it would cost you nothing at all to replace your windshield.

On the other hand, Liability and collision coverage usually will not cover damages on your windshield or windows for the above mentioned causes. It only provides coverage if your vehicle collides with another object or another vehicle, and if it overturns or rolls. Liability coverage will pay for the damages to the other vehicle (that you hit), while collision coverage will pay for the damages to your own vehicle.

But still, many people who have comprehensive auto insurance are hesitant to contact the insurance company for broken windshield or windows because they are afraid that the premiums will increase. This is not true, your insurance premium will not go up just because you file an auto glass claim. So before anything happen, it’s best if you check with your insurance to ask about your auto glass coverage.

Two other types of auto insurance are Fire and Theft with Combined Additional Coverage (CAC), and Physical Damage Insurance.

Auto Glass Insurance Claim Process

Everyone knows that an insurance claim can be a time consuming process, that’s also the reason that makes people hesitant to contact their insurance companies for auto glass damage. Fortunately, there are many auto glass shops in the city of LIttle Elm, TX that can take care of your auto glass insurance claim process. So basically you just need to take your vehicle to the auto glass shop then just relax and let them process your insurance claim for you.