Windshield Repair

What’s the most important part of your car? Many people would say the engine as you can’t go anywhere without an engine but here at Little Elm Auto Glass, we believe that it’s the windshield! Without your windshield functioning properly you won’t have the maximum visibility on the roads which could very likely cause an accident. Remember, when you’re driving along the motorway at hundreds of kilometers an hour, it only takes a split second for there to be an accidents. Wouldn’t it be better not to leave the drive in the first place?
At the same time, your windshield is actually crucial for the structural integrity of your car and for maintaining environmental conditions and energy efficiency. For all these reasons, it is absolutely crucial that you make repairing a chipped or cracked windshield your number one priority.
If you need windshield repair then don’t hesitate – get in touch today!

windshield repair

How Windshield Repair Works

If you have a chip or a scratch in your car windshield that is negatively affecting your visibility, then it’s crucial that you do something about it as soon as possible. If you bring your vehicle to us, we can take a look and decide whether you need windshield repair or windshield replacement. In many cases, if you only have a small crack or chip, then you might not need to have the glass completely removed and we can instead just repair the damage for you.
The reason this is possible is that your windshield is actually made from two identical sheets of glass that are the same curvature and that are pressed closely together. Between them is a thin layer of air which adds extra insulation as well as adhesive laminate plastic that holds the shards of glass in place in case they should break and thus prevents injury.
If your chip or crack is only affecting the extra sheet of glass then, it might be possible to repair this by using a special substance that fills the gaps and that hardens to form an invisible glass-like material. When done correctly this can reinforce your windshield and completely/nearly remove the visible chip.

When Should You Get Windshield Repair?

Even if you have a minor chip or scratch we recommend coming to see us as soon as possible. This is very important because a chip in your windshield – even if it is very small – can cause you to become distracted and can prevent you from seeing potential hazards on the road as quickly. Don’t put your family’s life at risk!
Furthermore, chips and cracks have a habit of growing and if you don’t get the problem seen to quickly it might end up needing a windshield replacement. Lastly, a crack or chip can compromise the resilience of your windshield meaning that subsequent impacts are more likely to break it completely.

The Best Windshield Repair in Little Elm

Little Elm Auto Glass provides the best windshield repair in the region. We are fast and efficient in our services but will restore your windshield for a very competitive price. Don’t hesitate, get in touch today and see how quickly and easily we can get your windshield looking as good as new!

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